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Nutanix .Next 2020 - Review and announcements

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The Power of Multicloud

IT as a Business Contributor

VDI case study: an ideal solution for employees who work from home

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Our 6 best tips for adapting to telework

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3 key qualities of a great IT recruiter

When ransomware attacks backups

Why and how to prevent internal IT attacks

5 Reasons Why SMBs Need IBM Power i (AS/400) Servers

Nutanix .Next - Recap and Announcements

Migrating to the cloud: what is the cost of doing nothing?

Take advantage of all the benefits of Office 365 with personalized training

IT Recruitment: 5 reasons to do business with a specialized firm

IBM Think 2019: IBM combines data, AI and Cloud

Cloud security: a shared responsibility

PowerAI: harness the full potential of deep learning

Top 7 Corporate IT security New Year’s Resolutions !

Happy Holidays and warm wishes for 2019!

Implementation of Ruckus’ antenna technology: a case study of a Quebec company

Better IT Service Thanks to a Virtual CIO

What is the link between IoT, Big Data and artificial intelligence?

The Ruckus Big Dogs Conference: new Wi-Fi solutions, new challenges

Lenovo Transform 2.0: a rewarding experience on the future of IT and a major announcement

3 myths about Business Intelligence and SMBs

Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA): Key Tools for Using Your Data to Your Advantage

Office 365 IP Telephony: The Voice of the Future for Productive Enterprises!

Present Featured in Top 10 as Most Innovative Infrastructure Partner

Securing your customer data: 7 recommendations that every SMB should apply

AS/400 to Power Systems: 30 years of partnership with Present

AS/400 to Power Systems: 30 years of technological evolution

Quick-Anonymizer : protect your clients' data

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications: the # 1 platform for SAP HANA

Bring your IT to the speed of your business with a software-defined data center

Managed Services: Get rid of the mental load and stress associated with IT operations

Migration to Office 365: A Case Study of a Multinational

4 Strategic Highlights of IBM Think 2018: blockchain, AI, cloud and security

Corporate culture: the driving force behind the success of Present

The New IBM Power9: A high performance server for today's and tomorrow's IT

Why deploy cloud backup as a service with Azure Backup 

IT Security : Survival Guide for Spectre and Meltdown 

Case study: Familiprix gears up for new projects with the help of SAP HANA on IBM Power

The spectre of vulnerabilities at the CPU level is now hovering over IT infrastructures

A look back at Present’s top blog posts from 2017

Best wishes for the holidays from the Present team!

9 common risk factors linked to an enterprise’s IT network

7 IT statistics that will blow your mind!

4 steps to transform IT into a business unit

Ruckus Cloudpath: security for wired AND wireless networks

Krack: WI-FI defect threatens to expose your data

6 reasons to entrust your Office 365 migration to a consultant

Hyperconvergence to the rescue of the traditional data center

Quick-SmartData, the AS/400 database replication solution

IT in SMBs: Technical assistance on demand VS managed services. Which to choose?

3 benefits of Software Defined Storage

5 responsibilities of IT leaders to overcome today’s challenges

2 major errors not to make with your IT

Why more and more business leaders are relying on IT managed services?

Microsoft Inspire: Digital transformation powered by collaboration

Recruitment decisions: What is the best option for IT needs, hire yourself or outsource?

5 reasons to use Azure: Microsoft's cloud offering

How to evaluate your risk in the event of a disaster in 22 questions

How to prevent ransomware attacks using a test infrastructure

How to simplify and optimize your IT asset management

IT disasters: there is no such thing as “risk free,” but prevention is key!

Are back-up copies still necessary for applications in the Cloud?

What’s new at Present? Three exciting announcements to share!

Office 365: an effective platform and not simply an email service

How to strengthen data security with tape storage

Present to provide the International Space Station with IT managed services

IT at the forefront to assist business leaders in achieving their goals

Flash storage (SSD) for production: Increasingly affordable advantages

CIO: How to demonstrate the business value of IT to management?

Business continuity in an era of rapid ransomware evolution

How to overcome 3 fears related to IT managed services?

Video: Transactions are 8x faster using SAP HANA on POWER8.

5 priorities for Canadian IT executives in 2017

A look back on 2016: 10 IT articles that marked the year

Transactions are 8x faster using SAP HANA on POWER8. (Video)

Happy holidays from the Present team!

IT security: 5 things you can do to secure your network perimeter

5 steps to implement the best practices for managing data access

3 things revealed by the top 2016 SMB IT priorities and challenges

6 qualities only excellent IT recruiting firms have

IT infrastructure: the differences between IaaS and traditional infrastructure

Computer security in SMBs: an often neglected daily challenge

The 6 key points of IBM Edge 2016, according to 3 Present experts

Wi-Fi in high-traffic public areas: a revolution is underway

What do you really buy with an IT Managed Services contract?

How to Adopt a 3-Phase IBM i Systems Modernization Strategy Now

Top 4 obstacles that keep you away from turning to IT managed services

Breqwatr: OpenStack solution to standardize cloud environments

3 pillars of your IT infrastructure that help create value-added data

6 of the best TED Talks to innovate with technology

High availability, more than just a disaster recovery solution

iOS 10 coming this fall: 3 changes companies must consider

Digital Transformation:  10 Latest Technology Trends in 2016

CEO, CFO, and CIO, all become winners when outsourcing IT

IT outsourcing for Quebec SMEs - 8 myths busted

SAP HANA on IBM Power: Canadian first performed by Present

RecoverPoint: accessible and reliable solution for disaster recovery

Solving Major Problems of Disaster Recovery Plans with the 3Rs

Do you have a plan to maintain IT Operations this summer?

5 key announcements made ​​at EMC World 2016 on the future of IT

4 trends influencing digital transformation in the insurance industry

Sales Assist: the mobile application for selling customized products

3 technologies for insurance companies improved performance

High availability on IBM system i simplified by Quick-EDD/HA

IBM Power Systems: 5 unsung strengths

5 essential tips to successfully implement Brocade

7 ways to keep Power servers at peak performance

9 obstacles in the way of digital transformation

4 keys to replicate data - based on your business needs

Leader in aerospace flies to new heights with managed IT services

Hush Pager optimizes internal communication with mobility

4 reasons to focus on improving your network infrastructure

Best practices for testing a high-availability environment

8 statistics on the state of digital transformation in companies

IT related vulnerabilities, a headache for any business leader

Three aspects that are (also) part of digital transformation

Security on IBM i servers: a new approach to managing power users

Choosing the cloud to eliminate IT management: beware of these potential pitfalls

Tape storage is not dead! Here's why.

What IT experts are saying about your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

Success Guide for Digital Business Transformation

Happy New Year : our Top 10 of 2015!

Wishing you very happy holidays!

Digital Transformation: 4 impacts for all businesses

Awaken the force in your datacenter!

How do I know if I need IT managed services?

What is the Internet of Things and where do we stand in 2015?

Happy Birthday Present! 25 years in a continuously changing IT world

vCloud Air, a natural cloud extension of vSphere

5 companies that make their competitors look like zombies

7 ways to ruin the user experience on a mobile app

4 situations where cloud services provide business benefits

How to initiate a Big Data approach and what are the concrete benefits?

The dream is 100% availability; how to avoid a nightmarish shutdown on the System i

3 steps to successful IT transformation

2 ways for IT and lines of business to collaborate better

Should you migrate your Linux from x86 to Power servers?

Millennials: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

5 reasons why CIOs and CFOs do not understand each other

The surprising parallel in the evolution of business models and of IT

Adapt or Die: Big Data at the heart of business transformation

How to solve 7 challenges related to enterprise mobility applications

New Study Finds Massive Cloud Shift Underway

4 areas in which Flash storage surpasses other storage technologies

5 industries where enterprise mobility solutions are becoming essential

4 types of savings made possible with IT managed services

Isilon: an innovative solution for managing unstructured data

Viral Marketing, does it have its place in IT?

3 reasons to have an automatic back-up (high availability) for an enterprise

IT recruitment trends not to be overlooked

How to bypass the IT skills gap with managed services

IBM Edge 2015 : Future proof technologies

3 dimensions of IT transformation raised at IBM EDGE 2015

The Fast Eat the Slow- Are You Adapting to the Blazing Fast Speed of Change in Business Today?

Big data and open source: 2 IT trends at the heart of EMC World 2015

Worry free IT, it is possible!

What marketers need to know about mobility in 2015

4 myths about an enterprise mobility strategy busted

Software-Defined Network (SDN) : understanding the basics

The foundations of the new IT model: 5 reasons to attend the May 7 event

Overcoming barriers to the adoption of Cloud Computing

Throwback Thursday- what the heck is electronic mail?

How Air Canada Cargo obtained 4 major gains by moving from paper to iOS

How to successfully integrate your enterprise mobility solutions to your existing systems

And the winner is...

4 mistakes to avoid for successful IT talent recruitment

The customer experience and IT at the heart of the CQCD Summit

Beacons are revolutionizing the customer experience and efficiency

Are the benefits of AS/400 (Power) servers still valid in 2015?

5 Mistakes to Avoid for a successful Office 365 migration

Email in the cloud makes sense! Office 365 summarized in 92 seconds

Spring Break Recap- Let’s revisit IT Trends in 2015 and the crucial alignment between CIOs and CMOs

Piecing together the puzzle of pay equity in IT departments

5 must-have skills to look for when hiring IT resources

20 mobility statistics you can’t ignore in 2015

7 IT blogs that Canadian CIOs and IT managers should read

Protect your virtual environments with a 2-level backup strategy

4 reasons to migrate your mail servers to the cloud

High Availability with VMware Metro Storage Cluster: features and recommendations

Enterprise Security: how to protect against internal hacking

Three compelling advantages of hyper-converged systems

How to do due diligence for your IT recovery plan

Retail Case Study: How a mobility solution refocuses management tasks

Two risks eliminated by combining replication and backup

Mobility as a Service – a fit for today’s evolving business demands

3 areas to organize in your IT department in 2015

Breaking the silos with converged infrastructure solutions

Major IT trends in Canada in 2015

Choosing a Recovery Technology: a balance between efficiency and cost