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Why more and more business leaders are relying on IT managed services Present Montreal Canada.jpgWe are at the midst of an era of digital transformation. And as with every transition period, some companies will pass through it brilliantly while others will struggle and even disappear. In this context, companies that are able to strategically align IT with business objectives are the most likely to succeed

Companies that dominate in their field have understood one thing: IT is becoming increasingly complex and difficult to operate. With the increasing number of technologies, the constant threats to IT security, and the lack of resources and expertise limiting the time actually spent on business priorities, the gap between IT and lines of business is widening. 

To bridge this gap, more and more business leaders are choosing to outsource part of their IT. 


What can IT managed services do to help your business? 

IT managed services enable SMBs to focus on strategic business initiatives while keeping costs low and profits high. A company subcontracts some or all of its IT functions to an external partner that has the expertise to ensure the proper functioning of IT infrastructure and services. The latter provides proactive management of the IT systems, which is covered by a service contract. 

According to the CTIA (The Computing Technology Industry Association), more and more business leaders are opting for this type of two-tier IT strategy. Therefore, internal resources are actively engaged in research, innovation and value-added projects to generate business opportunities, while the general maintenance of the infrastructure is entrusted to an external partner. 

Managed services can include: 

• Infrastructure monitoring;

• Network management;

• Infrastructure security;

• Capacity and performance management;

• Backup management;

• Data Recovery;

• Management of workstations;

• User support;

• Management of antivirus and software patches;

Inventory management of hardware, software and maintenance contracts;

• Management of other suppliers or services (software, cloud services, internet access, etc.).


This is a simple and flexible solution. The services provided are determined based on the needs and business objectives of each business.


What are the advantages of IT Managed Services?

 There are many advantages to outsourcing a portion of your IT functions, because it allows you to take full advantage of the talent, creativity and skills of your internal IT team. In addition, by embedding business strategies with all the potential of information technology, you accelerate the creation of value at the strategic, planning and operational level, as well as the business itself.


Here are the top 7 benefits that executives say they get with managed services:  


1. The reduction of operational costs

The outsourcing of a part of IT allows for savings by limiting the costs related to IT. You only pay for what you need. 


2. A preventive approach instead of extinguishing fires

The best managed services providers proactively recommend solutions to address potential security, reliability, capacity and performance challenges. 


3. Quick access to qualified IT professionals

Outsourcing assistance provides access to qualified IT resources in all specialties for a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time employees. 


4. Predictable investments

As the price of services is established in the contract, a company that uses managed services pays a monthly lump sum in exchange for a host of services. 


5. An optimal reaction time

The constant monitoring of the infrastructure and the remote management system makes it possible to fix, without delay, any potential problems. 


6. Management of service providers

Managed services, if needed, can deal directly with hardware and software vendors to help you avoid hassles and wasted time. 


7. Peace of Mind

You are assured that everything related to the security and reliability of your network is in order and taken care of according to best practices.


In short, we take care of your IT so that you can focus on what really matters: your business!


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