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Corporate culture: the driving force behind the success of PresentI think a strong and well-defined corporate culture is essential to success. As individuals work on themselves during their lives, companies must also improve with the goal of reaching their full potential. It is by sticking to well-defined values that a company will be able to excel and surpass itself.

Since it is a conceptual element, corporate culture is often difficult to identify and disseminate for leaders who are more used to concrete actions. Therefore, a process of reflection is needed. At Present, we make time for this and because we understand better who we are as an organization, we are able to give more!

Our corporate culture is based on the values and ambition of the entire team

It is important for us that each person supports our corporate culture and embodies it in their daily actions. They represent both what we are and what we seek to become.

  1. Generosity
  2. World class
  3. Efficiency and organization
  4. Human
  5. Expertise
  6. Professionalism

The 6 pillars of Present's corporate culture

We aim to have our clients and partners experience every one of these ideals in a real and immediate way. 

1. Generosity

One of our favorite sayings is: "The more I give, the more I receive!" In our industry, experts are often not inclined to reveal the recipe for their success. Personally, I am convinced that generosity and transparency are the best ways to go.

In fact, the more we give to our clients and the more solutions we offer them, the more they want to work with us. By providing them with the best, comprehensive service and expertise, we build an unshakable relationship of trust and even a team with them. We have moved away from the usual within the industry, which is always trying to sell and take. We consider the client before all as a person, and not as a means.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, it turns out that the more generous we are, the closer we are to our financial goals. Everyone wins.

2. World Class

Providing a world-class service means making interactions with the client a memorable experience. Impeccable service is not enough anymore. You have to be able to surprise your client and be a ray of sunshine in his day. We always aim to offer a service equivalent or superior to the best companies in the world.

To achieve this, it is essential to arrive with positive energy and impeccable interpersonal skills. It is also important to know the person you are about to meet in order to personalize the interaction.

The goal is to make the meeting so memorable that the client will forget all the other meetings of the day!

3. Efficiency and organization

In order to be efficient, it is necessary to be well prepared. Spontaneity is good, but keep in mind that 90% of success lies in the preparation.

It is essential to do a preliminary research on the company, the people you are meeting, the trends and challenges of their industry, their projects and the resources available to implement them.

Internally, we have tools and trainings to manage our time and priorities as well as best practices and recipes to be as efficient as possible.

4. Human

Certainly, we make it a point to treat our clients and partners with respect and humanism and this attitude starts within the internal team. We are not interested in workers willing to crush others to succeed and who lack humility.

In order to be able to target colleagues who are immediately responsive to our values and who fit well with our team, our job interviews have a strong focus on the values of the person. Our experience has taught us to value attitude, generosity and willingness before technical skills.

When an individual with opposing values enters a team, an adverse knock-on effect is likely. The corporate culture is therefore threatened.

To reinforce team spirit and empathy, we regularly organize parties in order to celebrate our successes and get to know each other better. 

5. Expertise

In order for each member of the team to be an expert in his field, we offer many opportunities to improve skills. Thus, we complete a significant amount of trainings, perform all the necessary tests and ensure the sharing of knowledge.

We deploy all our personnel and financial resources, both internal and external, to be part of the industry elite. In our opinion, this is the only way to survive in an increasingly complex and demanding technological universe.

6. Professional

"Say what I do and do what I say." It is important to inform clients of the next steps in a collaboration and to deliver accordingly. Nothing should be left to chance: meeting with the experts, developing a precise project plan, an implementation plan, a schedule, etc.

We always work on delivering a little better and a little faster than the client's expectations.

Define your corporate culture for a happy team and happy clients and partners

These six facets are unique to Present's personality. Your values will probably differ from ours, depending on your specific goals and your unique vision.

One thing is certain: a clear corporate culture results in a committed team that wants to excel. You will then see clients confident in investing in a strong, trained and competent team. Once they have tasted this type of experience, they will not think of going back, I guarantee it!


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