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IT Recruitment 5 reasons to do business with a specialized firmWhen it comes time to fill a technology position, IT managers and human resources have two options: recruit themselves or delegate the responsibility to a specialized IT recruitment firm. In general, the reasons why managers decide to use the services of an IT recruitment firm are speed, the quality of the candidates and a fair price. 

To succeed in reaching the desired results, specialized firms have many advantages: 

  1. In-depth knowledge of the IT field and emerging trends;
  2. A wide and varied network of contacts;
  3. The right tools;
  4. Proactive qualification of candidates;
  5. The satisfaction guarantee. 


1. In-depth knowledge of the IT field 

The complexity of IT roles is a reality that greatly complicates the task of companies that want to recruit an IT specialist. Considering the wide variety of expertise and the constant evolution of technology, specialized recruiters must constantly update the numerous expertise profiles and their knowledge of the market in order to find the right candidate for the position and the client. 

To do this, an IT recruiting firm has the combined expertise of several consultants, researchers and recruiters covering the various technological and management niches related to IT. They include IT needs such as project management, infrastructure, data analysis, software engineering, management, delivery, and more. 


2. An extensive network of IT contacts 

In addition to understanding the specific field of IT, technology recruitment firms know the people who work there, and have privileged access to a network of experts. They master social networks and use them effectively to facilitate their research.

These numerous IT relationships can introduce them to diversified resources that are often difficult to reach for someone from another industry.


3. The right recruitment tools 

Recruiting firms use proven research tools and a pool of candidates that companies’ often don’t have at their disposal, either because of lack of awareness or because the costs do not justify their acquisition. 

These tools, such as LinkedIn Premium Recruiter, enable in-depth job search through paid features, while avoiding an expensive investment for a business with sporadic recruiting needs.


4. Qualification of candidates 

After carefully collecting and analyzing the specifications of the position to fill and the qualities sought by the company, the recruitment firm conducts screening and the qualification of candidates. This is done based on a proven selection process and methodology, which involves analyzing the CV, checking references and validating the candidate's technical skills and abilities.  

The face-to-face interview then plays a key role in the hiring process. The in-person interview validates the cohesion between the candidate, his qualifications, his aspirations and the needs of the client and his company, for a perfect match. 


5. The satisfaction guarantee 

Professional IT recruitment firms will support the client throughout the hiring process and also during the candidate’s integration period. In addition to regular followups, the firm will offer a satisfaction guarantee and will undertake to replace the specialist if, during the probationary period, the client is not satisfied. With this guarantee, the firm undertakes to present a new candidate who will be able to meet the client's needs, even if it means restarting the search process. 

The duration and specifics of the satisfaction guarantee will vary depending on the nature of the position to be filled and the specific conditions of each company. In all cases, it is well defined in a service agreement previously agreed upon with the client.


To remember 

In the current context where the scarcity of skilled labor is hampering the productivity and technological transformation of many companies, choosing an IT recruitment firm could earn you a quicker and more interesting return on your investment. 

These days, in Quebec, recruiting qualified professionals for leading positions is a challenge. When you combine this reality with other aspects - the hiring process that can take weeks or even months and the shortage of potential candidates - acting quickly and decisively becomes a top priority. Looking at the hiring picture as a whole, it's not hard to understand why using an IT recruitment firm is almost a necessity and a guarantee of success. 

Highly specialized staff has always been relatively difficult to find and even more so now. To hire a quality IT candidate at the right cost, be sure to choose an experienced, proven recruitment firm. It can sometimes be difficult to discern the rigor and professionalism with which a firm operates, but the longevity and reputation of a company will always be a guarantee of success for the client. 

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