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arc-en-ciel-1024x683As we live with offices, daycares, schools, and much more being closed due to Covid19, telework has become our new reality. Although for some, telework is an environment we are familiar with, we are all having to adapt to a new situation where telework is the only option and we are often not at home alone.

So on a lighter note, here are our tips in order to remain productive and keep your sanity while working from home:


1. Make sure your technological environment is safe

It has been noted that during this crisis, many malicious individuals are taking advantage to steal sensitive data from Internet users. Cybersecurity experts have reported an increase in phishing emails. To make sure your environment is safe, I invite you to read this article focusing on telework and cybersecurity

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2. Personalized office space

For your mental health, it is essential to create an environment that will allow the office space to be differentiated from the rest of the house. It allows you to let go psychologically when you leave this space, but also to avoid any distraction.

Imagine working from your couch or bed ... you'd quickly want to take a nap. It is suggested to sit comfortably with a worktable, an adequate chair. The goal is to have good posture, avoid lower back pain and stay focused.


In addition, having a well-defined office space will help your children (or your spouse) understand that you are not there to play or tell stories, but rather that you are busy working.


3. Establish rules for the whole family

Confinement means proximity and cohabitation. Not always easy. Hence the importance of establishing rules to prevent situations such as this:

Children in particular need to be sensitized to the home working situation: establish play and mealtimes so that they keep their bearings. Explain that you too need time to work, and that there are certain things you need to follow, such as not to disturb you in your workspace.

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4. Take breaks to see more clearly

Just because you're at home doesn't mean you don’t need to take a break. On the contrary, take advantage of your usual lunch time to go outside with your children. This will allow you to clear your mind a little. Remember that clarity of the mind is essential to maintaining good productivity throughout the day.


5. Set goals to be more productive

By avoiding travel in the car or even on public transport, you will benefit from much more time. Take advantage of this moment to be as productive as possible. Our advice to achieve this is to stay organized and above all keep your good habits. The best way is lists. In times of crisis, review your priorities and create a daily plan and define time blocks for each task so that you don't forget anything. Even add your break times to your schedule.


6. Stay in touch with your team

Communication is so important when working remotely. At Present, we take advantage of the best productivity tools. Microsoft Teams allows us to stay efficient and stay connected with all team members.  We can participate in video meetings, make calls and collaborate with each department.

Our last tip: stay positive! We know that this period of crisis and uncertainty is not easy. The whole team would like to point out that we are PRESENT for you if necessary.  And remember, the sun always shines after the storm!