Quick-SmartData, la solution de replication de bases de donnees a partir d AS400.jpgMany companies run their databases on AS/400 (IBM Power) servers and are faced with the lack of a solution to replicate their data in real time between these servers and their ecommerce platform server.

While e-commerce is now well ingrained in consumer buying habits and online transactions are continuously growing, companies may be slow to adapt all the technologies to optimize this type of transaction.

Until recently, the heterogeneity of database platforms limited the frequency of exchanges between these databases and it required constant manipulation.

Fortunately, a new application is now available to remedy this lack of synchronism: Quick-SmartData. This innovative solution finally allows replication and integration of heterogeneous data, including database replication from IBM Power servers.

What is Quick-SmartData?

Quick-SmartData is a software solution developed by the French company Trader's, who has developed unrivaled expertise in business continuity, replication and IT security, especially for IBM i servers. It enables real-time replication of large amounts of data between a wide variety of operating systems (AS/400, Windows, Linux, Aix, etc.) and databases (DB2, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, etc.). The purpose of the application is to capture the data and replicate it in the source database.

Quick-SmartData is easy to install, configure, and operate. Also important is that it is available in both French and English, which in Quebec allows compliance with Bill 101.

Quick-SmartData Technical Specifications

Quick-SmartData is an innovative solution that includes several very interesting features for businesses, in terms of security, productivity and business benefits:

• Real-time data integration: Data storage and analysis for business intelligence.
• Multiplatform: Providing for applications in heterogeneous environments (various operating systems and databases).
• Migration: Permits the migration of data to Unicode, to heterogeneous databases, or to new applications.
• Compatible with DOT-Anonymizer: Secure integration of confidential data obtained during transactions on the web.

Quick-SmartData's competitive advantages for your business

Until recently, companies doing business on the web generally had to settle for a daily backup to update their inventory based on transactions made over this period. With Quick-SmartData, this is now a thing of the past and businesses can finally be more responsive and competitive. The data is integrated quickly and in the right place so that it can be meaningful and contribute to real time decision-making.

Here are some important advantages:

• Removes daily manipulations and synchronization delays for DBs.
• Optimizes marketing to your target audience.
• Provides critical information for decision-makers so they can respond quickly to crises or take full advantage of a window of opportunity.
• As Quick-SmartData is still new in the market, the software offers companies the ability to distinguish themselves from their competition.
• Real-time access to intelligible data provides a better understanding of the market and helps exceeds customer expectations.
• Provides substantial savings by using your own database.
• The compatibility of Quick-SmartData with all platform types optimizes the agility of the IT infrastructure.


In the age of e-commerce and in a context where everything must always go faster to stay in the race, Quick-SmartData has asserted itself as the application of choice to allow databases, in heterogeneous operating systems, to communicate and replicate in complete autonomy.

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