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Why a Kickass Onboarding is so key to a successful Managed Services Integration

February 15, 2024

Stepping into the world of managed services is a big milestone for any organization. Whether you're taking the leap to outsource your IT needs for..

Corporate culture: the driving force behind the success of Present

March 14, 2018

I think a strong and well-defined corporate culture is essential to success. As individuals work on themselves during their lives, companies must..

5 industries where enterprise mobility solutions are becoming essential

July 16, 2015

The rapid adoption of mobile devices and applications by consumers and within companies has redefined the way of thinking to solve business problems..

The customer experience and IT at the heart of the CQCD Summit

March 31, 2015

This year, the Retail Summit held by the CQCD (Quebec Retail Council) on March 10th and 11th, was firmly focused on information technology and its ..

Spring Break Recap- Let’s revisit IT Trends in 2015 and the crucial alignment between CIOs and CMOs

March 4, 2015

While many of us are on spring/school break this week, we decided to also take a pause on publishing new content but take the opportunity to..

TOP 3 Ways in Which Mobility is Revolutionizing Retail

October 7, 2014

Wireless technology has transformed the global economy. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the retail industry. For businesses to distinguish..

Why IT needs to worry about the customer experience

September 26, 2014

In a business climate that stresses agility and collaboration, many CIOs still struggle to align IT with lines of business and get involved..