Corporate culture: the driving force behind the success of Present

Posted by Marc Beaulieu_ on Mar 14, 2018 7:50:00 AM

I think a strong and well-defined corporate culture is essential to success. As individuals work on themselves during their lives, companies must also improve with the goal of reaching their full potential. It is by sticking to well-defined values that a company will be able to excel and surpass itself.

Since it is a conceptual element, corporate culture is often difficult to identify and disseminate for leaders who are more used to concrete actions. Therefore, a process of reflection is needed. At Present, we make time for this and because we understand better who we are as an organization, we are able to give more!

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5 industries where enterprise mobility solutions are becoming essential

Posted by present on Jul 16, 2015 8:00:00 AM

The rapid adoption of mobile devices and applications by consumers and within companies has redefined the way of thinking to solve business problems and seize growth opportunities.

Industries such as retail are among the early adopters of enterprise mobilty technology. The increasing shift towards e-commerce has forced an industry transformation in retail, where is it necessary to focus on the omni-channel shopping experience.

However, no industry can envision its evolution without an entreprise mobility strategy.

The paradigm shift caused by digital transformation must lead to a reflection on the levers of improvement and growth of organizations. Mobility allows businesses that have already made the shift early to benefit from competitive advantages.

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The customer experience and IT at the heart of the CQCD Summit

Posted by present on Mar 31, 2015 7:30:00 AM

This year, the Retail Summit held by the CQCD (Quebec Retail Council) on March 10th and 11th, was firmly focused on information technology and its increasing role in the industry as well as the customer experience.

These two elements are not only inevitable but also inseparable. As Ethan Song, CEO of Frank & Oak said"Experience is a product for us." However, the majority of Quebec retail businesses have not yet put the customer experience at the heart of their strategy and are not allocating the required investment.

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Spring Break Recap- Let’s revisit IT Trends in 2015 and the crucial alignment between CIOs and CMOs

Posted by Jennifer Bridgeman_ on Mar 4, 2015 8:00:00 AM

While many of us are on spring/school break this week, we decided to also take a pause on publishing new content but take the opportunity to reexamine two articles that were the most impactful.

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TOP 3 Ways in Which Mobility is Revolutionizing Retail

Posted by present on Oct 7, 2014 12:00:00 PM

Wireless technology has transformed the global economy. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the retail industry. For businesses to distinguish themselves in an environment where product and price no longer differentiate one entity from another, retailers must develop strategies that focus on customer-centric execution at the store level. To drive revenue and improve customer experience, IT departments must implement mobility solutions that enhance the customer experience.

It is critical for CIOs to become more of a strategic partner instead of “IT gatekeepers” primarily concerned with cost management, according to respondents of a Forrester survey . CIOs need to be “obsessed with the sorts of emerging customer-focused technology.” When it comes to mobility solutions, IT needs to shift its perspective from the traditional information technology function to Business Technology (BT).

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Why IT needs to worry about the customer experience

Posted by Jennifer Bridgeman_ on Sep 26, 2014 12:30:00 PM

In a business climate that stresses agility and collaboration, many CIOs still struggle to align IT with lines of business and get involved end-to-end on customer-oriented innovations.

In particular, the IT and marketing relationship reveals a disconnect: IT leaders strive to drive innovation in enterprise mobility and integrate IT with lines of business, but remain focused on many other business critical priorities. Marketing needs tech innovations to drive initiatives yet CMOs leave IT out of the loop until later on in projects, at which point the relationship is less about collaboration and more about telling IT what is needed.

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