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Client testimonialIn the ever-changing business world, IT plays a vital role in the success of a business. However, effectively managing this infrastructure can be a daunting challenge. This is what Maxime St-Jean, Chairman and CEO of Santinel, noted before adopting Present's managed services. During a recent interview, Mr. St-Jean shared his journey and the significant benefits he obtained through this partnership.

A past of technological uncertainty

Over the years, Santinel faced various challenges related to the management of its IT infrastructure. Prior to partnering with Present, the company navigated through a complex and fragmented system.

"There were several resources involved in managing our IT. We went through a period where our system was in survival mode. Updates were unfinished and our infrastructure was in trouble", explains Maxime.

The need for employee satisfaction and technological stability

Santinel had several goals when they turned to Present's managed services. One of them was to increase employee satisfaction by creating a seamless and functional IT experience. Another priority was to fix recurring technology issues that were causing service disruptions and wasted time.

"We wanted our employees to be satisfied with their IT tools. Completing updates and ensuring the stability of our systems was essential. Disruptions were costly in terms of time and resources."

Tangible Benefits of Present Managed Services

Santinel's association with Present quickly paid off, bringing tangible benefits to the company. The biggest relief for Maxime St-Jean was the resolution of IT issues that had long disrupted operations.

“IT issues seemed to crop up no matter the situation. The team of specialists at Present took care of all of these issues, and that was very noticeable. Also, the competitive pricing and quality of service were major highlights”, he said.

A solid relationship based on trust

Santinel has found in the partnership with Present a source of trust and continued support. For Maxime St-Jean, the idea of ​​entrusting the complete management of their IT to Present was a key decision.

"They took care of everything, from the start. Our relationship is solid and based on trust. When we have concerns or needs, we share them, and they react quickly. We are not just a number for them", adds Maxime St-Jean.

Recommendation based on experience

Based on his positive experience with Present, Maxime St-Jean does not hesitate to recommend our managed services to other companies. For him, peace of mind and focusing on their core business are invaluable benefits.

"We recommend Present's services based on our experience. If IT is running smoothly, you can focus on your core business without being distracted. And with a partner like Present, you have peace of mind", concludes Maxime St-Jean.


The seamless integration of our managed services allowed Santinel to overcome technology hurdles and focus on growth. If you are looking to optimize your IT infrastructure and free up your internal resources, a reliable partner like us could be the solution you are looking for. To learn more about our approach and the benefits we offer, feel free to browse our website or contact us for consultation.

Because today, in an ever-changing world, efficient managed services is key to the success of your business.

Not convinced yet? If you want to dig deeper into Maxime St-Jean's insights and hear the full interview, watch the video discussion here!

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