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5 reasons to use Azure Microsoft s cloud offering.pngMicrosoft Azure includes an ever-expanding array of integrated cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to create, deploy, and manage applications, through a global network of data centers, and a wide range of associated tools. 90% of Fortune 500 companies have confidence in Microsoft's cloud. 

Why such a high adoption? Here are 5 specific reasons that pushed Present, and push companies, to adopt Microsoft Azure. 


1. The best data protection

Microsoft is the first cloud provider to adopt the new international standard ISO 27018 regarding privacy in the cloud.


2. A proven and approved cloud service

The Azure solution has been designed to handle all Windows workloads (of course!) and Linux (1\3 of VMs in Azure), and offers service level agreements, as well as technical support and a continuous analysis of the functioning of services.


3. Close-by data centers

The many applications used by today's businesses require high availability: it is unthinkable to be left with a single point of failure. Ensuring an infrastructure can work elsewhere, for example in the event of natural disasters, is paramount. This is what Microsoft having many data centers around the world allows. More importantly for Québec companies concerned with data sovereignty, the presence of a center in Montréal and in Toronto is a strong argument for the choice of the Azure platform.


4. Partner-oriented corporate values

Azure is also a choice for partner values: Microsoft has proved that customer service and business relationships are an intrinsic part of its DNA. For local professionals, the fact that a trusted Microsoft team is available locally and established for a long time facilitates communication. This local presence provides latitude not only in terms of support, but also gives businesses and partners a unique opportunity to be heard and to work closely with Microsoft.


5. Excellent value for money

 The Azure platform offers prices similar to those of its competitors. While it can not be said to be the cheapest, it can boast of being supported by significant financial resources, easily accessible technical resources and a solid reputation of reliability. Pay-per-use is an interesting option, which allows you to pay only for the services you use. For companies, this represents a more attractive model, while being able to access the resources they need. The platform therefore offers everyone a chance to be productive and without excessive budget constraints.


Conclusion : a promising future for Azure

To summarize, customers decide to migrate to Azure for its simplicity and solid value. They want their data and that of their customers to be safe, both in terms of backup and confidentiality. While other vendors are more at risk for data piracy, Azure has been a pioneer in adopting the new international standard ISO 27018.   With the growth of services associated with Azure and because the business model of the number two giant of cloud computing reflects the values of many companies, the future of Microsoft and its partner ecosystem is most promising.


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