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DATTO SIRISFor adversaries, it is no longer just a matter of encrypting backups and production data. It's also about stealing your data in order to sell it, and, to add insult to injury, to carry out denial of service attacks. This approach of coercing you into paying the ransom is referred to as triple extortion.

The objective of Ransomware as a Service is obviously to maximize the return on investment of attacks, which today we know massively target SMBs.  The reason being they are the most numerous and the least well protected. In short, they are the ideal prospect for this criminal industry.

A critical mission for SMB leaders

Your mission, which you have no choice but to accept, is to make the opponents attack more expensive so that they abandon your surroundings and focus on an easier target. In the highly probable event that the advers

Make the opponent's attack "more expensive"

The table below summarizes the ins and outs of an attack.

More specifically, in the right column, are the basic measures to be put in place in order to prevent and detect threats, and enable a return to normal in the case of an attack.

Consequences of a Ransomware Cyber Attack

Main attack vectors

Gain visibility; classify the risks by importance, and act as quickly as possible

Make it harder for attackers while prioritizing quick wins

  • Disruptions or cessation of activities;
  • Damage to reputation;
  • Revenue losses;
  • Ransoms;
  • Cost and time to restore;
  • Weakening of the company
  • Phishing;
  • Remote access (RDP, VPN);
  • Software vulnerabilities;
  • Malware & Zero-Day
  • Your crown jewels
  • Your current posture
  • What do you need to improve
  • Your roadmap
  • Invest only a fraction of the potential cost of a cyberattack to prevent such an attack
  • Implement double identity verification (MFA)
  • Implement  endpoint security (MDR)
  • Protect your data and your backup infrastructure
  • Apply other security essentials by priority


Backups under attack

Are you someone who thinks that simply having backup copies protects you from ransomware?

Unfortunately this is not always the case since adversaries seek primarily to make them inoperative, by destroying them or by encrypting them. The Conti ransomware group specializes in this practice.

You must been conscious that being able to restore does not protect you from the theft and resale of your data, or from denial of service attacks.

To protect yourself against data theft, you ultimately need to encrypt your data, and to counter denial of service attacks, it is necessary to put in place measures such as a web application firewall (WAF).

The fact remains that since your backup is your last line of defense, it must imperatively be able to counter hackers and ransomware.

Essentially your ability to recover backup copies is a function of the following factors:

  • The guarantee of having a clean backup copy
    You should use best practices especially those associated with the recommendation of immutability and integrity checking of backup copies known as 3-2-1-1-0 (3 copies (original + 2 backups), 2 storage types including 1 offsite copy, immutable (1) and error free (0)).
  • The freshness of your data or RPO (Return Point Objective)
    You should be able to take copies in short intervals without a penalty on your production applications.
  • Return to production time or RTO (Return Time Objective)
    Whether on-premises or in the cloud, in the event of a site disaster, you should be able to get back to business without delay.
  • Access control
    The administration of backup solutions being very sensitive, you should be able to validate and manage access in a very secure way.
  • Backup tests
    You should be able to test your backups several times a year.

Datto SIRIS in action

The Datto SIRIS solution is a managed or co-managed business continuity service that combines all data protection elements into a single fully integrated service, to greatly simplify implementation and support.

It includes on-site equipment (appliance) that replicates backups in 2 geographically separated clouds in Canada as well as the required services.


The guarantee of having an integrated backup copy

The solution relies on snapshots of the appliance file system so that all local and cloud backups are read-only. This means that they are immune to any type of modification, including ransomware infection. All backup copies are kept in private, secure clouds and may also use encryption.

Datto Webinar 04/21/2022 Ransomware simulation 

Verification of backups for reliability of data recovery

SIRIS includes two levels of backup verification. Level 1 verification ensures that the system can boot, while Level 2 verification ensures that the systems are actually accessible. Additional reliability is provided by the integrated ransomware scan.

The freshness of your data and compliance with RPOs

Since the solution relies on snapshots rather than traditional copies, you can make copies at a frequency of 5 minutes rather than once or twice a day.

This means that during a local or remote restore, your loss of data (RPO) is minimal.


Time to return to production and compliance with RTOs

Entire systems can be restored in minutes with Datto's instant on-premises or cloud virtualization, while enjoying 5-minute data freshness.

Access control

The solution integrates many security features such as mandatory two-factor authentication, as well as the management and monitoring of active sessions.

Backup tests

Present, in conjunction with Datto, recommends carrying out 4 recovery tests per year.


Datto SIRIS is a fully integrated and managed service, payable on a monthly basis, which makes it the ideal solution for SMBs in these troubled times.

Datto SIRIS includes:

  • Protection of backups against ransomware;
  • The managed backup and continuity service respecting a RTO and RPO of a few minutes;
  • Backups replicated in the Datto cloud;
  • Increased security thanks to a third backup in a second cloud with even more restricted access;
  • Unlimited cloud retention;
  • Local and disaster recovery (DR) in the Datto cloud;

Datto SIRIS meets current continuity requirements namely:

  • Facilitate the response to threats associated with backup copies;
  • Apply best practices including immutable copies of data;
  • Reduce or free yourself from the burden of business continuity management;

To ensure you successfully complete your mission, schedule a demo to see how quickly you recover from a ransomware attack with the Datto solution.  Or join Present and Datto's webinar on Apri 21st at 11am, where we will simulate a cyberattack and then demonstrate how the business continuity solution can literally save your business in the event of a cyberattack or outage. The webinar will be given in French.

Datto webinar