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Ruckus Wifi Products

A large furniture manufacturer in the Quebec City area turned to Present to solve their wireless connection problems. The following case study demonstrates the undeniable quality of the Ruckus products, a partner of Present which specializes in Wi-Fi solutions, both in access points and also in wired switches.



Context: Recurring connections problems

This big manufacturer that supplies Walmart and Amazon with furniture has some huge warehouses where the signal was easily lost in spots, especially the Quebec city warehouse. Employees use wireless terminals during loading and it was mostly in the back of delivery trucks that the connection was deficient, if not altogether absent.


Our intervention and the results

After conducting a site survey in their Quebec City warehouse, we were given the green light to uninstall the existing bases and implement the Ruckus access points.

The result and why the Ruckus’ solution was chosen is a significantly better connectivity. Another advantage is that Ruckus typically requires fewer access points for the same Wi-Fi coverage which is less expensive. And in this case, 35% less access points were needed. Additionally, they do not require a subscription to their cloud services in order to keep their access points operational.

Ruckus’ antenna technology was deployed in which the antenna is neither mechanical nor motorized. It is very logical, in that it sends the Wi-Fi signal to the device that requests the connection, which needs it the most. This unique technology is called "Beamflex".  In addition, their Channelfly technology makes it possible to automatically select the Wi-Fi channels with the least interference.

The manufacturing company was fully satisfied with the quality and performance of the wireless connectivity in the Quebec city warehouse that they have requested that the same solution be installed in their other Quebec warehouses.


Why use Ruckus Networks

Ruckus is innovating wired and wireless technologies to meet the needs of the industry and the most demanding use cases. Their high-performance network infrastructure provides applications and services with a secure and reliable access, no matter the situation.


The performance of Ruckus Access Points and Switches

Your building is problematic for Wi-Fi? Do you have a high density of customers? Ruckus offers performance. Their access points provide superior connections and superior user experiences. In fact, third-party tests show that Ruckus access points work well in the most challenging environments.

In addition, their switches are non-blocking, and they are the first on the market with a 100 GbE solution for campuses and they have Multigigabit switches ready for next generation of wireless technologies.


The scalability of Ruckus products

The SmartZone network controller can manage 10,000 AP, 150,000 customers. And the Active 3 +1 cluster mode increases capacity to 30,000 AP, 450,000 customers.

In fact, they are alone in the market to be able to achieve these type of performances. That's why Ruckus ranks number 1 in Wi-Fi for service providers and number 1 in hotel Wi-Fi (Dell'Oro 2017)


The user experience of Ruckus

Whether the customer chooses Wi-Fi hosted in the Cloud, SmartZone or Unleashed, they enjoy an exceptional user experience. Ruckus really designed their products with the user in mind and does not require any particular networking expertise. They even offer mobile applications to help manage the network remotely.


Reduction of capital expenditures and operating costs

Given the performance of Ruckus access points in difficult environments, customers require less than other providers. Their ICX switches can be easily upgraded and all have a lifetime warranty.



At Present, we are always on the lookout for emerging technologies, solutions that will allows companies to find better, faster, more economic ways to run their business. We get to know the leaders in IT innovation so we are able to advise you on the most innovative, efficient and secure products and solutions in the industry.

The Ruckus solutions will help companies address the wi-fi challenges they have been satisficing. If you liked to know more about the Ruckus wi-fi solutions, please reach out to us at present [at]


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