Present to provide the International Space Station with IT managed services

Posted by present on Apr 1, 2017 12:01:00 AM

benoit-mercier-nasa .jpgAs a permanent outpost in outer space, the International Space Station serves as a stepping-stone for further space exploration. 

This laboratory, 250 miles above earth, needs a reliable and secure infrastructure so scientists can focus on their astronomical, environmental and geological research.  Additionally, as most other companies are experiencing, the ISS is tasked with the challenging necessity to constantly evolve and innovate in order to ‘do more with less’. 

Present is over the moon with excitement to announce they have been chosen to remotely monitor and manage the ISS infrastructure.

Benoit Mercier, Present’s services manager, has been preparing for the last 6 months to head out on an expedition to the space station. The mission’s objective in visiting the low-orbit satellite is to complete an infrastructure audit and set up the remote monitoring system.

“We are helping the ISS strategically advance, while at the same time streamlining operations and reducing expenses,” states Benoit. “We speak about infrastructure on premise and in the cloud but I never thought my job would take me above the clouds and into space!”

Watch Benoit’s live feed during his 6-hour journey to the ISS at:


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