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bye bye 2020-2-1As we embark on a final sprint towards 2021 and our sights are set on a promising future, we wanted to take a moment to revisit the most popular topics covered over the past year.

2020 has been one of unforeseen events, notably due to covid-19 which has changed our lifestyles. One thing is certain, it is not only our lifestyles that have changed, technology has also been affected by all of this change. Yet, at the same time, technology will play a major role in helping us adapt to the many challenges we will face. Before we look into the future, here is a  retrospective on our 5 most popular articles over the past year:


1. How VDI Can Help in The Rise of COVID-19 Type Pandemics

How VDI can help In the rise of covid 19 types PandemicsAs mentioned above, 2020 has been a year of adjustment. For many, remote working was rather new, which brings many challenges. To ensure tele work is possible, companies have had to adapt quickly, finding secure solutions for their users. Find out in this article how VDI can help with this remote work transition.



2. The Power of Multicloud


The Power of MulticloudThe cloud computing trend continues, a technology used more than ever in small and large businesses. But beware, several concepts allow you to differentiate the types of cloud according to your needs. More recently: Multicloud, which could be defined more as a strategy than a service essentially allows the use of the hybrid cloud through several providers. What's the point? I'll let you discover it via our article.


3. Nutanix .Next Review and announcements


Nutanix Next 2020Last September, the Nutanix .Next event was scheduled to take place in Paris.  The pandemic forced this conference to turn into a virtual free event accessible to as many people as possible. Covered in this conference: the latest IT trends including hyperconvergence, hybrid cloud, DevOps, automation and more. What do we take away from Nutanix .Next 2020? I'll let you discover it in our blog article!


4. Say Goodbye to Ransomware and Ransom Payments  


Say Goodbye to Ransomware and ransom PaymentsWith the latest ransomware attacks that have taken place across Quebec and elsewhere in the world, we felt compelled to clarify and explain the gravity of the situation through our blog. And all the more so given that the threats have grown increasingly sophisticated over the past year.

Review the importance of ransomware threats and especially the importance of protecting yourself through our blog post: Tell God About Ransomware and Pay the Ransom.

Other security articles that were also quite popular include : The Day We Were Hit by Ransomware, Telework and Cybersecurity and 9 Common Risk Factors Linked to an IT Network


5. A legal firm adopts Present's data center modernization and IT managed services


a legal firm adopts Presents data center modernization and IT managed Services Finally, one article that has been very popular this year is an actual case study. Our client who works in the legal industry decided to adopt our managed services, following the departure of a very important resource. I invite you to visit this blog post, to learn more about how we have turned our client's challenges into a winning opportunity.




This concludes our best articles of 2020. Innovative topics that have allowed us to learn more about technologies, be it security, the cloud, AI, telecommuting and all that it includes. Don't miss our next article on tech trends for 2021.

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