Recruitment decisions What is the best option for IT needs hire yourself or outsource.jpgReducing costs while optimizing operations is the challenge faced by many companies. As information technologies evolve rapidly, there is a sort of race for innovation, the main obstacle being to win or maintain your place in the market. As a result, IT projects are multiplying within companies and considerable efforts are being made to push the limits and set themselves apart from the competition.


Companies come to the realization that they do not have sufficient IT resources to fulfill their goals and are therefore presented with two options for completing projects: hire more staff themselves or use project-based contractual resources. 


These two solutions have advantages and disadvantages and it is important to remember that they are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they can even combine advantageously in a market like ours, where demand for qualified IT resources exceeds supply.


OPTION 1: Hire IT resources yourself

Whether you're starting or expanding, it's likely that you're thinking about building or enriching your IT team. Hiring yourself can often increase the control and integration with internal processes and culture necessary for the good functioning of your company. 


Hiring yourself implies :

1-    Clearly defining each position and the required skills (technical and human);

2-    Posting job advertisements to get as many applications as possible;

3-    Sorting and reducing the list of candidates;

4-    Conducting interviews;

5-    Checking references;

6-    Making the best possible choice, according to your skills.


The main advantage of this solution is developing your own hiring process and retaining control throughout the whole process.


However, the responsibility of recruitment can prove to be risky and, above all, costly.

- Management or human resources managers often lack the technical knowledge to rigorously assess the quality of a candidate.

- The schedule of the IT experts already in place is often too full to actively participate in the hiring process.


As a result, the likelihood of engaging the wrong candidate, wasting time, energy and financial resources increases dramatically. Opting for contractual IT experts recruited by a third party specialising in information technology can be a very advantageous option.



OPTION 2: Subcontract the research and hiring of IT resources

The IT team plays a critical role within a company. It must not only keep the lights on by ensuring that all systems and backup processes are functional, but also actively participate in the development of innovative projects. 


The many advantages of outsourcing 

As the current job market is very competitive and resources are limited, it can be very beneficial to entrust the hiring process to a company that specialises in IT. This allows companies to, among other things: 


• Reduce costs 

The cost-per-hire is a key HR metric and outsourcing can often reduce the cost-per-hire and the time-to-hire because of dedicated, IT specialized recruiting resources. Recruiting companies can also share the risk of a new hire with contractual guarantees. 


• Increase recruitment efficiency 

Specialised IT recruitment companies are able to reach more candidates, target the right resources, generate interest and engage passive candidates in a very tight market where demand exceeds supply. They also ensure a limited selection of qualified candidates after sorting and analysis applications. 


• Increase ability to negociate

And finally, it increases the ability to negotiate with candidates (a recruiting firm has considerable experience in this exercise and a relationship is often already established between the candidates and the firm).


As IT becomes more and more central to success in business and businesses have a wide range of IT requirements, many companies are opting to use the services of a specialized IT recruiting company to help meet their project needs. 

Some companies are also opting to outsource their daily IT management completely with IT managed services. This way their resources can solely focus on innovative projects to grow the business.

At Present, our team of IT recruiters have a network of candidates and partners to be able to provide you with quality resources in a timely manner for full or part time positions, payroll or contractual.


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