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6 reasons to entrust your Office 365 migration to a consultant.jpgOffice 365 is a platform that brings together a suite of services and applications that aim to improve the efficiency of communications and business collaboration. Given all the available offers, it is a solution adapted to all sizes of companies. When you plan to migrate to this platform, as many are,  hiring a consultant specializing in the field will help you get the most out of this rapidly evolving solution suite.


According to market intelligence regarding specialists in migration to Office 365, these skilled people are scarce and have limited availability. It is, incidentally, a common reason why migration projects in many companies are postponed. Fortunately, companies such as Present have expert consultants who are experienced in migrating to Office 365 and are ready to assist you. Here are 6 reasons to do business with a consultant specializing in migrations to Office 365. 


1. Your consultant is a specialist and trusted advisor

A consultant specialized in migration to Office 365 works for you. His objective is to maximize the possibilities of the platform according to your specific needs. His experience in different organizations gives him a clear vision of the variables to be considered and the important needs to be met. He is therefore in a position to issue valuable recommendations in order to limit expenses and simplify the implementation of the platform.



2. Your consultant knows Office 365 as a whole

Office 365 is an ever-evolving solution. To get the most out of your investment, you should do business with an expert who fully understands the platform and is able to configure it to suit your specific needs. His in-depth knowledge of the solution makes the consultant a strategic ally. In a business environment as competitive as ours, the smallest detail can translate into significant gains for an organization.



3. Your consultant understands the full Office 365 ecosystem

Office 365 is a solution with almost unlimited potential. That's why several companies have developed software and tools that are compatible with this Microsoft product. These include enhancing the experience by adding functionality or further simplifying the user interface. A good consultant knows this ecosystem and is able to select the best products available to implement a solution enriched and adapted to your specific needs.



4. Your consultant can perform a complete data migration

The implementation of Office 365 can vary considerably from one company to another. A consultant is able to migrate your complete data set and content to Office 365. So no matter where your information is stored (servers, email of various origins, Dropbox, SharePoint, etc.), your consultant will save you the long and often arduous task of transferring your content yourself to Office 365. In short, your expert ensures that the transition takes place smoothly.



5. Your consultant accompanies you before, during and after the migration

Because Office 365 is continually evolving, your competitive advantage can quickly evaporate if you do not keep your platform up to date to suit your business needs. A consultant is not only a technician who installs Office 365, it is a partner with whom you can build a relationship of trust. He assists and guides you after implantation so that you can make the most of your solution. His role is to ensure that you achieve your goals in the short, medium and long term. He can, among other things, produce the required documentation, train your staff and follow up regularly.



6. Your consultant allows a migration with very little or no impact on the workload of your IT team

The demand for Office 365 migrations is steadily increasing, but internal IT teams are often too busy to perform complete and optimized migrations. Putting out fires, ensuring the day-to-day management of systems and working on innovative projects that will translate into business gains are crucial tasks that cannot be overlooked. Fortunately, your consultant takes care of everything so that the transition is smooth and your IT team remains focused.


Having access to a consultant specializing in Office 365 migrations has many advantages, especially since qualified resources are scarce and difficult to recruit. Present puts a team of experienced experts at your disposal to support you throughout your Office 365 journey. Contact us today.


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