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new web siteThe Bang and Present team are proud to announce the launch of Bang’s new website! As the website says: Delivering World Class IT services to the SMB market is our mission and we love what we do! 

In November 2019, Present acquired Bang Industries, which for more than 28 years has been implementing and supporting IT projects for SMEs in Quebec. Bang specializes in Azure cloud services, Microsoft 365, IT managed services, IT support and security.

The vision of joining forces was to enable both companies to expand the scope of their IT offering and in turn bring the quality of IT services offered to a whole new level.  Since the acquisition the synergies gained have been more than expected, allowing both companies to thrive.

Robert Hélie, Shane Monty and Marc Beaulieu


The new Bang website focuses on their offering especially targeted to SMEs challenges, needs and goals.  Both Present and Bang are proudly customer centric in everything we do, and we aim to ensure that SMBs receive the same service and support that any large enterprise would.


Come take a look at Bang's new web site


Peace of mind, an invaluable asset

We understand that SMBs strive to become midsize and midsize businesses aim to become big, but with all the challenges of running a business, IT is the last thing you need to worry about. Given the speed at which things happen in businesses today, peace of mind in IT allow leaders to focus on the core of their business.


Discover Bang’s solution offering:


Cloud services

Bang cloud services were created to guide SMBs through the cloud experience, so they can reap all the benefits the cloud provides and get the most out of their investment.

As a Microsoft Azure gold partner and with hundreds of cloud projects under our belt, we have the expertise to build the best cloud strategy for your specific needs.


Managed Services

SIMPLICIT® services is a suite of managed IT services that offers businesses a way to simplify their IT. Proactive management combined with leading edge software and services minimizes downtime and helps businesses keep their systems running smooth and available for your users. We take care of your IT so that you can focus on what really matters: your business!


Microsoft 365

Now more than ever, transforming the workplace experience is a key element to gaining a competitive business advantage. Microsoft is the recognized leader in cloud productivity solutions for business with Microsoft 365. As a certified Microsoft gold partner, we have the expertise and experience to help accelerate your move to a digital workplace.


Professional services

We are at your service to support your infrastructure and software projects and most importantly your business as your IT needs evolve.  BANG has almost three decades of experience in corporate IT solutions, services and consulting to support the needs of small and medium businesses. Our professional services include VMware Virtualization Services, VMware Migration and Upgrade, SAP Virtualization and Planning Services, Disaster Recovery and Firewall Planning and Implementation, and Network Upgrades.


Whether you’re a small, medium or large enterprise, Present and Bang want to be a key contributor to the success of your next IT projects! 


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