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Recruteur TIThe IT industry is rapidly and consistently growing and the situation of labor scarcity in Canada does not help with the recruitment of IT professionals. Candidates looking for a job in IT are rare.

This situation represents a major challenge for IT recruitment agencies. They must be resourceful to find the best IT candidates for developer, programmer, system administrator and other specialist positions. To complicate matters, there are as many candidates as there are recruitment agencies. In all this bustle, what defines a great IT recruiter from another? To answer this question, Present has listed our top 3 qualifies in a great IT recruiter.

1-The art of having good relationships

Having a broad network of contacts within the IT industry is crucial. This network is an important asset when it comes to placing the right resources at clients. Obviously, it is possible that a candidate that is placed in a company does not work out, because finding the ideal fit does not always happen the first time. Despite this a GOOD recruiter does not see this situation as a failure, but rather as an opportunity. If the candidate is not hired for this position, there will be other opportunities that will open up, because as we say, each person, in the right place, at the right time.

Indeed, if a recruiter knows his network of candidates well and maintains his relationships, by staying in touch with them, it will be easier to place resources at his clients for future openings. Over time, having good relationships will save everyone valuable time.

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To have empathy is to be able to put oneself in the place of the other in order to understand how a candidate and client works and better identify their needs and objectives. After all, we must not forget the most important aspect of HR; H for Human.

 That's why a good IT recruiter is sincerely interested in others. He will not be able to learn about the candidates if he does not put himself in their shoes or if he monopolizes the discussions. Listening and trying to understand will enable him to find the candidates with the best talents and skills. A good recruiter is curious, proactive and available!

3- Perform multiple roles

Recruiters do not just perform everyday recruiting tasks; their job is to ensure that companies consistently attract and retain top IT talent. In fact, they need more than just human resource knowledge.

You can distinguish a great IT recruiter by his knowledge and especially his understanding of the technicalities of the industry. They do not necessarily need to master JavaScript to recruit programmers. But it is essential to have a good idea of ​​what a programmer really does and therefore the technical skills he will have to look for in the candidates. The more the recruiter specializes in the industry in which he works, the more he will be able to recruit candidates with the right skill profiles.

Their role does not stop there, the best IT recruiters are also true Recruitment Marketers. They know the marketing techniques to be able to publish attractive job offers. In addition to marketing prowess, they do not hesitate to equip themselves with the most effective tools to accelerate the recruitment process, such as LinkedIn Recruiter and more.

In short, if you are looking for a team of great IT recruiters to find the best talent, contact Present today! Whether for permanent or contractual positions, we will be happy to quickly and effectively find your ideal resource. Why not test us out?