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Strengthening the Cybersecurity of SMEs with a Limited Budget: Interview with Our CISO, Michel FecteauIn today's digital landscape, where online threats are increasing at an alarming rate, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are increasingly vulnerable. We spoke with our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Michel Fecteau, to explore cybersecurity best practices that SMBs can implement, even on a limited budget. With a wealth of experience in cybersecurity and a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by SMBs, here is Michel Fecteau's insights.

Outsourcing of IT Services: Accessible Expertise without Excessive Expenditure
Outsourcing IT service management through managed services is a strategic choice for SMBs. Michel Fecteau highlights its importance by saying, "Outsourcing IT services allows SMEs to access cybersecurity experts without the huge financial investment required to build an in-house team. These professionals can constantly monitor systems, anticipate threats and react quickly, thus guaranteeing a high level of security."

He also highlights the importance of choosing the right partners: “It is crucial to work with reputable and reliable managed service providers. Close collaboration with trusted experts can help SMEs design security strategies tailored to their needs specific, while respecting their budget."

Security Incident Response Plan: Emergency Ready
Having a well-developed security incident response plan is an essential component of preparing SMBs for threats. Michel Fecteau explains, "A detailed security incident response plan is like a first aid manual. It guides employees on what actions to take in the event of a security breach, ensuring a rapid and coordinated response."

He also highlights the importance of continually updating the plan: “Cyber threats are constantly evolving. Therefore, it is essential to regularly review the incident response plan to ensure that it remains effective in the face of new and emerging threats ."

Training and Awareness of Employees: A Strong Link in Safety
Employee training and awareness are key elements in defending against online attacks. Michel Fecteau highlights this strategy by explaining, “Well-trained employees are the first line of defense against cyber threats. Regular training on phishing techniques, good password practices and secure online behaviors is essential. "

He emphasizes the importance of ongoing awareness: “Cybersecurity awareness should not be a one-off event. SMEs should implement regular awareness programs to maintain a strong security culture within the business ."

By following this advice and integrating these cybersecurity practices into their daily operations, SMBs can strengthen their online security, even with limited resources. Vigilance, continued education and collaboration with qualified experts are the keys to safely navigating today's digital world.

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