Francois Desjardins_

Account Manager My role at Present is to service more than 100 clients; listen to their needs, recommend the best solutions of hardware, software and necessary experts for their projects and business needs in order to collaborate to help them reach their business and personal goals. Each day I encounter new challenges and new opportunities. This is what motivates me to start each day positively. I strongly believe in the innovative power of social media to collaborate with more people about my expertise and knowledge. Furthermore, I am convinced that I will learn and work more to improve my personal growth by increasing my knowledge, experience and sharing it. I joined the Present team in 2003 and to this day, I affirm that I am paid to meet great people and have fun. Ain’t that great! I love my job and love interacting with people. My experiences prior to Present vary; a Cobol programmer for a Transport company, an IT consultant for a small import / export company, RPG programmer for an ERP software, second level support for the same ERP and presales architect for IBM AS/400 solutions. When I’m not working, I am a father and grandfather who takes care of his family, with five children and four wonderful grandchildren, there is always someone around me. I cherish all the quality time that I can spend with my friends and love ones. I love traveling, movies and reading about personal growth and technical computing. I do all I can to make it a better world around me every day.

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