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Enhancing Business Agility and Customer Experience: A Conversation with Dominique Paquette, Founder of Partenaire-Conseils Groupe financier et Gestion privéeIn today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, businesses face numerous challenges when it comes to managing their IT infrastructure. For Dominique Paquette, founder of Partenaire-Conseils Financial Group, those challenges have become a thing of the past after adopting the managed services of Present. In an insightful interview, Mr. Paquette shares his experiences and highlights the significant benefits his company has gained from this partnership.

Before the transformation

During the earlier days, Partenaire-Conseils often found themselves caught off guard by rapid technological advancements, constantly reacting to major events and struggling to respond effectively. However, ever since they joined forces with Present, a remarkable transformation has taken place.

“In the past, we were in a situation where technological advancements were always in reaction mode so we had a challenge that when we had a major event, we responded to the situation.  And since we have evolved with Present, we feel supported. The name Present is well chosen since we feel their presence,  they've saved us on several occasions.”  
Partnering with us has brought a remarkable transformation to Partenaire-Conseils, providing them with the much-needed support and timely solutions to overcome technological challenges and major events.


Addressing Problems and Challenges

At Partenaire-Conseils, keeping up with the ever-evolving technology landscape, safeguarding security, and creating exceptional customer experiences were at the forefront of their priorities. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic presented an unprecedented challenge, but it also became a shining testament to the incredible support provided by our managed services. When the urgent need arose to transition to remote work, Present acted swiftly and efficiently, ensuring that all the necessary systems were seamlessly put in place. This real-life scenario beautifully illustrates the immeasurable value and profound impact of having a trustworthy managed services provider by our side.


Benefits of Using Present's Managed Services

The partnership between Partenaire-Conseils and Present has brought about a multitude of wonderful advantages. As Mr Paquette points out,  one standout benefit lies in the proactive management of their IT fleet.

“We no longer need to overhaul our entire IT system at once, resulting in improving our budget management and scalability. Whether it's boosting capacity, upgrading memory, or enhancing productivity, we can can now evolve our IT infrastructure gradually, making the most of our resources and optimizing efficiency.” 
This mindful approach not only fosters long-term growth but also eases any financial burdens along the way, creating a harmonious path to success. 


The value of expert advice

Another benefit that truly resonates with Mr. Paquette is the unwavering dedication of Present to provide invaluable advice.

“What I appreciate the most is that if we ask for advice, the goal is never to sell us something but really to advise us.” 
The credibility that has been cultivated through our advisory approach has proven to be an immeasurable asset for Partenaire-Conseils, further deepening their partnership with us. The genuine care and support we provide has forged a bond that goes beyond mere business transactions, creating a true sense of collaboration and shared success!


A Recommendation Based on Experience

Having witnessed Present's impressive growth in recent years, Mr. Paquette wholeheartedly recommends our managed services to other businesses.

"We would recommend Present to anyone based on their customer experience. Present  has demonstrated being able to manage their significant growth in the last few years while maintaining a great customer experience and to us this is a telltale sign of a great company.”



With a focus on providing expert advice, scalable solutions, and unwavering support, we have established ourselves as a trusted ally in the ever-evolving world of technology. Are you a SMB looking to optimize their IT infrastructure, enhance your customer experience and drive growth like Partenaire Conseils?  Schedule a 30 minute discovery call with one of our experts today!

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If you want to delve deeper into Dominique Paquette's insights and hear the full interview, watch the complete video discussion here!