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iOS 10 coming this fall 3 changes companies must consider

In June, I had the chance to participate in the most recent World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) with Apple. In addition to its highly noticed ads for its MacOS operating systems, and tvOS, watchOS, the tenth version of iOS, operating system for iPhones and iPads was announced and presented. Naturally, it will bring a multitude of improvements for users, and enhancements to most functions that are used daily.

It would be impossible to do justice to all of these improvements by attempting to name them. However, some improvements are likely to have an impact for business users. I would like to present a few that I think may be influential.


1. Siri open for Apps

Apple will open Siri to mobile apps developers with iOS 10. Firstly, companies will have the opportunity to serve their customers ' consumer ' by integrating voice commands in their Apps.

Just think of the power and benefits of Artificial Intelligence implementation to the employees and corporate users when performing tasks. For example, a heavy equipment mechanic who could order parts by voice command while working on an engine or a sales associate who can search while having both hands occupied with items. Check out more benefits of using mobile applications in the retail industry.

So far, Siri was reserved mostly for Apple Apps with few exceptions. Now with iOS 10, Siri will be able to demonstrate its full potential and change the user experience.

2. Faster user interface

The lock screen was completely revamped. It will be possible to respond to emails, see complete messages and conversations, to use third-party widgets and to use the calendar functions without even unlocking your device. Clearly, the speed to perform a task is at the heart of concerns.

Moreover, the 'slide to unlock' was removed and the apparatus will now wake up with Notification Apps changing in order to give the possibility to include images, sounds, videos and even custom content generated by the device.

The use of attached media opens new opportunities for users to work more efficiently. Previously a notification was limited to a few lines of text, it was therefore hoped that a user opens the App, concerned to interact and get the full information.

The interaction of the locked functions and new notifications screen will greatly improve the efficiency of corporate solutions.


3. Automatic transcription of voice messages

Siri will be able to transcribe voicemail messages. It will be possible to read a message left in a drop box without necessarily having to listen but rather reading it as a text message instead.

The solution proposed by Apple is simple and very effective. Some people prefer to leave a voice message rather than writing an email. This is a quick way to communicate information. However, many do not like to receive a voice message, since it is usually faster to read a text than listening to a person who speaks.



Thus, these examples demonstrate that artificial intelligence will have a major impact on the efficiency and user experience for enterprise mobility solutions. Mobilizing Intelligent business process will have a major impact on the success of companies that will adopt it wisely.

As mentioned, this short list does not render full justice to the multitude of changes that will impact us on a daily basis. In this regard, I invite you to visit the following link which gives a little more detail on the improvements.


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