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Hush_Pager_mobile_application_optimizes_internal_communication_with_mobilityDID YOU KNOW The world's first mobile phone call was made on April 3, 1973, when Martin Cooper, a senior engineer at Motorola, called a rival telecommunications company and informed them he was speaking via a mobile phone. 

Mobile applications have been rapidly multiplying because they enable significant operational gains. Present, has been developing such applications for several years for its customers and for the first time we are launching a mobile application on a large scale called Hush Pager. This innovative tool facilitates communication within work groups, resulting in increased productivity and performance.

Hush pager, a new pager 2.0

Hush Pager is a new form of instant messaging that optimizes communication within companies, by connecting all users in the workplace, in real time.

Already used in several big box stores, the application has quickly proven itself a versatile tool with great potential for customization.

 As the name suggests, Hush Pager is a discreet tool that avoids, the many loud and nuisance calls being piped over a PA system. Whether in big box stores, warehouses, stadiums, museums and other public places, the application allows staff and stakeholders to communicate easily and discreetly. 

One application, multiple functions

Among the many features of Hush Pager application, four have proven especially useful:

1. Consolidation of communication tools

The app brings together different modes of communication within the work environment into one platform. Hush Pager allows you to connect the company phone system to mobile devices for employees and executives to communicate directly.

An employee of a big box store can therefore pick up the phone and enter a code that corresponds to its particular needs, for example, the urgent help of a manager. The managers all receive the same query on their mobiles and when one of them responds, the others are immediately informed that someone has taken the call and is attending to the situation.


2. Automation and personalization of communications

An automated system allows messages to establish a list of predefined and custom messages. Thus, users do not waste time composing a message to each intervention. These automated messages can be easily customized, depending on the specific needs of each workplace.

This feature enables the application to be particularly flexible: it goes without saying that a car dealership will not have the same requirements or automation that a clothing retailer may require. This option allows a large retail chain store, to adapt technology to the individual needs of each store, or by departments within the same store.


3. Organization of teams and working groups

Hush Pager was developed with the aim of pushing mobility even further. By defining different mail boxes with each team members, communications remain within that working group. This is an extremely useful feature in big box stores with very large surfaces or with several floors.

4. Better management of human resources

Finally, linking real-time users within the store, Hush Pager optimizes the management and allocation of human resources. A manager can therefore quickly target an area within the store that is not covered, and thus rectify the situation immediately.

In addition, each user has an overview of the available workforce, eliminating unnecessary searches and communications. In short, this interactive and versatile tool facilitates all aspects of teamwork, regardless of the field of activity.


The enormous potential of Hush Pager

Once the operating condition is fulfilled; access to the Internet, the application system adapts to many situations.

Intelligent devices that communicate with employees when they need assistance on their part, a photosensitive system or buttons allowing customers to directly call a clerk are just a few examples of the many possibilities which are also possible with Hush Pager.


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