9 obstacles in the way of digital transformation

Posted by Marc Beaulieu_ on Apr 5, 2016 11:00:00 AM
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9_obstacles_sur_le_chemin_de_la_transformation_digitale.jpgMore and more companies have digital transformation initiatives, and the phenomenon is growing week by week. For some, it will accelerate their business development, but for others, it is not an easy transition. Yet this transformation must be made in order to ensure the sustainability of the business. Indeed, 67% of executives believe that digital transformation is now " a matter of survival " for their business and data research is proving them right!

Read our article 8 statistics on the State of digital transformation of companies to better understand the importance of taking this path and the resulting benefits.

One thing we can be certain of, it is the collaboration between people and technology that is at the heart of this transformation. One cannot exist without the other.

The following statistics confirm that we are still in the early stages of this new digital age, but it is also urgent to act and be part of the big winners, rather than the big losers.

Keys for Businesses are Flexibility and Speed

1 - 63 % of senior executives believe digital transformation does not occur quickly enough in their business.

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2 - 90 % of professionals say that  new technology has an impact on their work, but only 20% have the right skills.

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3 - In the retail industry, 49% of respondents believe that the risk of bankruptcy increases if they do not adapt to digital transformation.

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Data Management and Related Technologies

4 - Only 20 % of companies have a strategy for the collection and use of data that aligns with corporate goals.

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5 - Only 42 % of companies say they have the know how to extract relevant information from the data they generate.

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6 - While 44.2 % of companies are already using  technology to support their vision, 20% are still in transition between  decision-making, based on instinct and that which is supported by data.

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Digital Transformation and Skills

7 - 77 % of companies consider that the lack of digital skills is the main obstacle to this transformation.

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8 - 73 % of CEOs believe that the lack of employees with key technical skills is a threat to their business growth.

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Invest in training your resources

9 - Only 46% of organizations are currently investing in the development of digital skills.

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As with any revolution, changes occur faster than adapting to them and that's what makes digital transformation a challenge. However, the more you let the train get ahead of you, the harder it is to get on. With the rate business is growing, agility is a competitive advantage and increasingly important.

The use of technology in this digital era has become imperative in order to follow this frantic speed that will not stop in a world where taking the digital shift is imperative. To move into this digital age seamlessly, ask for a free Consultation with one of our experts on digital transformation. Present has this transformation at the heart of its concerns and today helps Canadian companies make the shift that is needed.


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