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5 key announcements made EMC World 2016 for the future IT Each year, the EMC World conference is positioned as a major IT event. It brings together professionals in our industry to discuss new developments and challenges in the digital age.

This popular event again surprised the attendees gathered with numerous important announcements.

Five major announcements particularly caught our attention when editing EMC World 2016, with a major theme of modernization of data centers.

1. The Dell family grows by acquiring EMC

The announcement, or rather confirmation that everyone expected was undoubtedly the acquisition of EMC by Dell.  Indeed, sharing the stage the CEO of DELL and EMC, Michael Dell and Joe Tucci, each respectively presented their vision of what has been accomplished and what will become of the largest private company in IT history.

The two companies will join forces in order to better meet current demands. Thus, Dell will remain specialized in entry level IT solutions, while EMC, which becomes Dell - EMC, continues to work with larger data centers with enterprise solutions. Together, the two divisions will form Dell Technology; a merger that looks very promising! There are some minor items to confirm, but rumors are that the whole process will be finalized during the summer.


2. Stronger Rise of Cloud Computing

The cloud is not going away any time soon. This year, the cloud was on everyone's lips. Not surprising, as the technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. EMC has also taken the task of bringing cloud computing even further, particularly by offering solutions which can now connect with the cloud infrastructure:

•  Storage

•  Data management

•  Virtual backups

•  Calculation ability

EMC offers even more self-service solutions from a portal that users can operate autonomously, particularly in the management of resources within the private cloud.


3. Orientation of data centers to All Flash

Solid State Drives (SSD) are known for their speed, performance, ease of management and especially in allowing the replacement of large amounts of mechanical drives with little physical space.

Although Flash technology is not new, the novelties presented during the EMC World forum ignited the assembled experts. Thanks to a new technology that now supports a range of storage solutions like VNX or Unity, and the most important solutions like VMAX, EMC began a massive shift of data centers to All Flash.


4. Virtualization without tape backup solutions

Solutions without tape backup are not a novelty in itself. However, the EMC Data Domain solution has taken a significant direction for our industry: virtualization.

Already known in the community for its versatility and fast backups, Data Domain can transmit the information to a device that simulates and emulates the ribbons. This year, EMC pushes the limits of tapeless backup by virtualizing its software; a novelty that has not gone unnoticed.

Through a compliant environment (VMware), companies can now use the Data Domain Virtual Edition 16 TB (more capacity later this year). This announcement generated excitement among experts because this is excellent news for the Quebec market. Indeed, companies that operate multiple branches can now save large sums by virtualizing and safeguarding their different locations to a single physical version of Data Domain.


5. New disc Storage range

The big news that EMC announced with great fanfare, was launching a new line of storage products drive. This new generation will actually refresh the VNX Family, and henceforth will be called Unity.

Ideal for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Unity still allows simultaneous access to files and storage blocks, without having to contend with dedicated controllers to access files (NAS head). The new family offers options ‘All flash ' or a hybrid format that is more manageable. This is excellent news for Quebec, whose market mainly consists of SMEs.



The modernization of enterprise data centers today is a vital necessity and the many innovations on the market are democratizing rapidly. In such an environment, companies have all the tools to increase their performance through technology. Request a free consultation with an expert to talk about your company's digital transformation.


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Image credit: EMC