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The_often_overlooked_benefit_of_BYOD_employee_satisfaction-595354-editedIn our article Mobile Device Security Is Crucial to Your Business. Learn Why! we focused on the safety challenges companies face when it comes to mobile devices and BYOD. There are also benefits to BYOD that companies often neglect because they are more preccupied with security.

Today, employers that wish to attract and retain the requisite talent, and retain their competitive advantage, will do well to follow the lead of Cisco and focus on employee satisfaction as it relates to BYOD.  A survey conducted by the company showed that its employee satisfaction rating zoomed 33 percent after the implementation of a BYOD program.


Transitioning from a Boomers to Millennial Workforce

The fact is that companies already have a serious challenge on their hands when it comes to attracting and retaining employees based on the expectations of  Millennials—people born 1977-1997, who will soon surpass Boomers as the majority in the workforce.

Case in point, Future Workplace  reports that 91% of Millennials will remain at a company for less than three years—15 to 20 possible employers over their working life. In comparison, many “leading edge” Boomers who have entered their 50s have held their current job for 12 years or more. Most have stayed with the same company much longer and will end up having worked for 3-4 employers.

As a result, organizations must take immediate action to make their environment attractive to Millennials who have a stronger focus on quality of life than they do money and other perks. Implementing a BYOD program--thus enhancing the employee satisfaction level of your company--will be an important strategy for recruiting and retaining that talent.


Companies Can Benefit From BYOD

Like it or not, Millennials have grown up expecting to have their mobile devices available for constant use 24/7, 365 days a year. Companies in the forefront of creating a flexible BYOD environment enhance their attractiveness to this generation of workers, especially at a time of an anticipation of shortage of information technology and business analytic workers.

Make it standard practice to allow your employees to bring their own laptops, smart phones and tablets for use at work or to gain access from home or the field.

Your company will see the benefit of BYOD in several ways, including:

  1. Increased productivity and innovation - In today’s interconnected environment, Millennials have an almost fanatical interest in the latest technology and apps. Many of them naturally look forward to purchasing the latest in cutting-edge technology and look forward to showing off their devices to coworkers and friends.  The company benefits because employees learn how to use all the bells and whistles of a device that they like best, which translates into higher productivity in the workplace.

  2. Decrease Costs – Cisco states that a BYOD program may trim your IT budget because the users bear the cost of mobile devices, applications and data services. But, by all means, do not base your BYOD program on this possibility.

  3. Improved Network Security - One of the advantages of creating a BYOD program in your workplace is that it allows you to enhance the security of your network and corporate data by incorporating the personal devices of employees.

  4. Enhanced Employee Satisfaction- Employees appreciate working with the devices and applications they used every day. Not only does it make them feel empowered in their work environment, but it helps them make a seamless transition between their work and personal lives.


Companies should conduct an evaluation to determine if a BYOD program can produce positive gains based on their circumstances and capabilities. On the other hand, many enterprises that have been slow to adopt BYOD risk losing out in the battle to recruit and retain workers to competitors that have made the move.

The key to an effective BYOD policy is to make it clear, flexible and simple for employees to register their devices. This will ensure fully secured devices connecting to the network and employees adhere to your BYOD security policy.

The BYOD approach is a mobility element which companies need to stimulate growth.  Download the whitepaper to understand the 10 Reasons your Business Needs Mobile Capabilities TODAY.


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