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If you have ever completed a jigsaw puzzle, you’ll know there’s a logical order to tackling the job. First, all the pieces must face the right way up. Then you group them by colour and design. Finally, you can begin solving the puzzle, working from the outside in and paying close attention to the picture on the box. With a good deal of trial and error, the pieces eventually fit together and the picture comes to life.

The same kind of experience can be had when it comes to refreshing your IT infrastructure – except it’s usually a lot less fun. First, you have to identify the many pieces of hardware and software you need – which is no easy task, right there. Then you must open a couple of hundred boxes of technology that arrive on site and carefully inspect the contents. Finally, you are ready to begin the painstaking and time-consuming process of piecing them all together. But what if after all your careful research and planning certain pieces don’t work right together? Or a piece of your puzzle is missing? When something as simple as a missing cable can delay your installation for several days, clearly refreshing your IT infrastructure is no child’s play.

Fortunately, there is now a way to complete an IT refresh that is faster, simpler, and more cost-effective than piecing it all together bit by bit. Present is pleased to offer our customers Pureflex. PureFlex is a fully integrated IT infrastructure solution comprising hardware and software, which arrives at your door preconfigured to your specific needs and ready to install. Just imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everything you need from servers to storage will arrive built, engineered, tested, benched, upgraded to the latest version — and ready to go.

The key to PureFlex is it’s an integrated out-of-the-box type of solution. That means our customers can be confident that all components of their solution will work well together, that it will install easily, and that it will work properly from day one. No more wasting time tracking down missing parts or headaches associated with incompatibility issues. Instead, your IT department can focus on other priorities.

Migrating to PureFlex is relatively fast and easy. Depending on the size of the project and complexity, most migrations can be complete within seven to eight business days.

Present’s team works to ensure it’s a smooth transfer and we provide training so you get up to speed quickly, as well as a choice of after-care support – so you’re never alone.

The IBM PureFlex System is available in three configurations, Express, Standard and Enterprise, with x86 and/ or POWER processor-based compute nodes. Numerous additional configuration options are available to meet your precise IT infrastructure needs.

The main highlight of PureFlex, which makes the puzzle come to life — and keeps it that way over the years — is the Flex System Manager. This next generation of smarter computing console, integrates multiple server architectures, networking, storage, and system management capability, into a single system that’s easy to deploy and manage.

Flex System Manager is in fact a management appliance that drives data center efficiency and cost savings. It provides a pre-integrated and virtualized management environment that can reduce the number of interfaces, steps, and clicks it takes to:

• manage IT resources
• intelligently manage and deploy workloads based on available resources and predefined policies, and
• manage events and alerts to increase system availability, and reduce downtime and operating costs.

Bottom line – if you are a medium- to enterprise-size organization, that wants a pre-configured, pre-integrated infrastructure with integrated management and cloud capabilities, factory tuned from IBM with x86 and Power hybrid solution, IBM PureFlex System is definitely worth a look.

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