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IBM Power Systems: 5 unsung strengths

Posted by Denis MacKenzie_ on Apr 26, 2016 11:00:00 AM

For thirty years, the AS / 400 servers have become a reference for experienced IT professionals. Known for their iconic green screens and their legendary security, the 400 servers are popular with large companies that handle a large volume of data, such as banks, insurance companies and large retailers.

Even today, these systems are now called Power and represent a smart investment for 2.0 companies such as online shops that have high volume transactions and critical data transfers.

Unfortunately, despite all the technological advances and the potential of IBM Power systems, lack of training offered has fueled prejudice and misconceptions.

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4 keys to replicate data - based on your business needs

Posted by Denis MacKenzie_ on Mar 30, 2016 8:00:00 AM

DID YOU KNOW: The UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) put out a press release introducing the public to the Internet on July 3, 1969.

No company is immune from disaster. It is for this reason that most companies subscribe to insurance policies, develop evacuation scenarios and are developing disaster recovery plans.

This allows businesses who have suffered significant damage to their IT environment to temporarily continue their vital activities. A bit like a generator that provides basic power supply until the power is restored, the backup system is a temporary solution, but essential to maintaining operations.

Today, in order to be better prepared to operate efficiently, a company requires its data, hence the need to properly manage the data. Backup and data replication are your weakest links and most companies do not give them the attention they fully deserve.


Replicate data according to your business needs

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