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6 of the best TED Talks to innovate with technologyHow to relax and contribute to innovation at the same time? Watch the 6 Ted Talks that we have selected for their relevance to the challenges that CIOs and other leading companies are facing so they can continue to innovate in a world increasingly focused on technology.

Some videos are less than 6 minutes, while others are 10 to 15 minutes. Watch them at your own leisure and according to your interests. Add this item to your favorites to be able to come back later when you want to be inspired, all are extremely interesting and motivating.



1. My simple invention, designed to keep my grandfather safe

Kenneth Shinozuka

Duration : 05:46

Who said a mobile application had to be complicated? In fact, an application needs a simple idea as explained Kenneth Shinozuka, who has developed an app to ensure that his grandfather who suffers from Alzheimer's disease be safe. The young man explains his process of creating the solution that can be applied in other areas.



2. Welcome to the age of the industrial internet

Marco Annunziata

Duration : 12:36

The Internet of Things has been at the heart of IT trends in recent years and even more so in 2016. Marco Annunziata shows us how technology is transforming the manufacturing sector by creating products, parts and components that are able to analyze and communicate.

This video is sure to inspire you and make you see the competitive gains that you can pull from the Internet of Things.



Big Data

3. How we found the worst place to park in New York City — using big data

Ben Wellington

Duration : 11 :48

Ben Wellington talks about the legislation of open data, set up by the Mayor of New York to make the maximum data accessible. Every city, every company has thousands of data files in formats like PDF or non-standardized Excel. The whole point of this video is that with the analysis of unstructured data, it is possible to highlight problems which no one is aware of and put actions in place to correct them. This can be as simple as the example of looking for a parking space in the streets of New York!



4. This app knows how you feel — from the look on your face

Rana el Kaliouby

Duration : 11:04

Our emotions affect every aspect of our lives: our relationships, the decisions we make, the way we learn ... With technological advances, these devices now have a cognitive intelligence, but no emotional intelligence. These facial expressions are called units of action and are defined by movements that transcribe emotions. These action units can also be combined.

By providing information of hundreds of smiling faces and hundreds that pout to an application, algorithms learn to detect expressions and to link them to an emotion. The application has collected 12 million data points on emotions. This defines how humans respond. Just imagine the possibilities of analysis for companies!




5. The secrets of natures grossest creatures, channeled into robots

Robert Full

Durée : 05:07

By studying cockroaches and their skills, it is possible to create robots with extraordinary abilities. Observe how nature can provide avenues of innovation without limits. Although the video is based on robots, we may apply the principles to other areas, such as IT infrastructure.




6. All your devices can be hacked

Avi Rubin

Duration : 16:49

Security of connected objects is of great concern, especially in medical, automotive, aerospace and many other fields. These connected devices undoubtedly bring many benefits, but their security is critical.

Avi Rubin gives the examples of tests on pacemakers implanted in models that have been hacked. It's frightening! It is essential to understand all dimensions of risk to secure the devices.




The digital transformation we are currently experiencing goes beyond the technological aspect, it is a revolution in how humans are starting to act and how companies develop.

Be inspired and help in  this transformation !


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