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As the Mobile Innovation Officer at Present, I help organizations create and implement solutions that transform the user experience. I believe mobility solutions are key for organizations to move from good to great to a leader in their industry. My role at Present involves being up to date on the most current business trends, understanding our client’s challenges and establishing strategies to help them thrive. I can’t recall having a boring day on the job! I’ve been at Present since 2008 and truly enjoy interacting with our team members and our clients every day. I have been involved in IT for more than twenty years, working for various organizations (large, international companies and smaller ones). When I am not acting as MIO, I am the father of four teenagers. I like working on my renovation projects at home and I am still playing hockey (on my 35th season). I coach youth hockey and I sometimes use my innovation skill set to help out in the community.

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The customer experience and IT at the heart of the CQCD Summit

Posted by Nicolas Huet_ on Mar 31, 2015 7:30:00 AM

This year, the Retail Summit held by the CQCD (Quebec Retail Council) on March 10th and 11th, was firmly focused on information technology and its increasing role in the industry as well as the customer experience.

These two elements are not only inevitable but also inseparable. As Ethan Song, CEO of Frank & Oak said"Experience is a product for us." However, the majority of Quebec retail businesses have not yet put the customer experience at the heart of their strategy and are not allocating the required investment.

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Beacons are revolutionizing the customer experience and efficiency

Posted by Nicolas Huet_ on Mar 26, 2015 8:45:00 AM

Beacons are revolutionizing localization applications in industries such as retail, cultural, education, entertainment as well as in intelligent homes. ABI research estimates that the market for iBeacons (Apple) and other Beacons BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) will reach 60 million units in 2019.

Beacons are electronic chips that permit locating smartphones within a close distance to send targeted and contextualized messages. The major advancement of Bluetooth LE technology, that is at the heart of Beacons, is that it allows micro-localization just a few centimeters away indoors, unlike GPS technology that has an accuracy of a few meters and is ineffective in closed spaces.

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Retail Case Study: How a mobility solution refocuses management tasks

Posted by Nicolas Huet_ on Jan 20, 2015 11:00:00 AM

The challenges that Canadian retail enterprises face are numerous and leaders of the various lines of business have started to use mobility to solve their operational problems and become more competitive.

Present helped a leading Canadian retailer, with a mobility solution, improve several essential processes in their stores to allow managers to focus more on their key management role.


Processes optimized by a mobility solution
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Measuring the return on investment of a mobile solution (ROI)

Posted by Nicolas Huet_ on Dec 5, 2014 1:15:00 PM

Although mobility, in the broad sense, is a market that has been evolving for many years, it is only recently that mobile innovation solutions started flowing into the enterprise market.

Since this avenue is relatively new, many decision makers still have the perception that mobile solutions are mainly consumer oriented. They are still struggling to think of them as an enterprise solution.


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5 Ways to Ensure Mobile Innovation Incubators Are a Success

Posted by Nicolas Huet_ on Oct 21, 2014 3:00:00 PM

Developing enterprise mobility solutions continues to be at the forefront of the agendas for many companies seeking to reinvent outdated procedures, develop new processes and explore fresh pathways to growth. However,  the environment necessary for technological innovation has outgrown the rigid, linear ”reengineering”  approach that  many companies adapted in the 1990. This method employs an in-house, top-down design approach from beginning to end, with multiple stages.

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How mobile applications can truly solve business problems

Posted by Nicolas Huet_ on Oct 17, 2014 8:30:00 AM

Mobile applications create a world of possibilities for businesses because of the ability to connect to people and receive data and real-time information from nearly any place in the world at any time. Companies in every sector of the economy are findings ways to use mobility solutions to link employees, vendors, partners, data and products.

More importantly, mobile apps can solve a number of business problems—from business processes to building your client base. Here are three areas in which mobile applications benefit companies and help them solve different business problems and reach their objectives.

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CMO or CIO- Who should control the enterprise mobility strategy?

Posted by Nicolas Huet_ on Oct 10, 2014 12:00:00 PM

With the number of smartphone users on track to grow by 25 percent in 2014, GSMA Intelligence predicts that the number of mobile connections will soon equal the world’s population of 7.2 billion people. With competitiveness and profitability at stake, businesses have come under immense pressure to implement an effective enterprise mobility strategy.

Early mobile solutions resided primarily in the domain of IT because they were perceived from a technical point of view. Now though we are seeing  IT more and more involved on the customer experience side of mobility. 

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TOP 3 Ways in Which Mobility is Revolutionizing Retail

Posted by Nicolas Huet_ on Oct 7, 2014 12:00:00 PM

Wireless technology has transformed the global economy. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the retail industry. For businesses to distinguish themselves in an environment where product and price no longer differentiate one entity from another, retailers must develop strategies that focus on customer-centric execution at the store level. To drive revenue and improve customer experience, IT departments must implement mobility solutions that enhance the customer experience.

It is critical for CIOs to become more of a strategic partner instead of “IT gatekeepers” primarily concerned with cost management, according to respondents of a Forrester survey . CIOs need to be “obsessed with the sorts of emerging customer-focused technology.” When it comes to mobility solutions, IT needs to shift its perspective from the traditional information technology function to Business Technology (BT).

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The often overlooked benefit of BYOD- employee satisfaction

Posted by Nicolas Huet_ on Oct 3, 2014 12:30:00 PM

In our article Mobile Device Security Is Crucial to Your Business. Learn Why! we focused on the safety challenges companies face when it comes to mobile devices and BYOD. There are also benefits to BYOD that companies often neglect because they are more preccupied with security.

Today, employers that wish to attract and retain the requisite talent, and retain their competitive advantage, will do well to follow the lead of Cisco and focus on employee satisfaction as it relates to BYOD.  A survey conducted by the company showed that its employee satisfaction rating zoomed 33 percent after the implementation of a BYOD program.


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Mobile Device Security Is Crucial to Your Business. Learn Why!

Posted by Nicolas Huet_ on Sep 23, 2014 10:35:00 AM

As more organizations extend network access and application support beyond traditional desktops to other communication devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets, IBM reports that 76 percent of CEOs and IT managers listed security as their most significant mobile enterprise challenge. This concern has taken on even greater significance because employees are bringing their devices to work (BYOD) and storing sensitive company data on them.

Corporate-level executives see iPhones, Window phones and Android devices as opportunities to become more cost-efficient, improve communications and increase revenues and profits. However, they must make sure these devices are secured—which is mission-critical to a business's overall security.

Still, companies cannot block personal usage of mobile devices, and if they could, they would frustrate the users who would therefore have a lower adoption of their working device.

Here are five key areas of risks when it comes to mobile security:

1. Theft and loss of mobile devices

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